UI/UX Iodine Software

Responsible for all User-Centered Designs of Iodine Software Redesigned the entire product after extensive research, prototyping testing and iterating.

Iodine Software

Iodine is a SaaS company based in Austin, Texas and helping improve Clinical Documentation across the country. Iodine works with the largest hospital systems to ensure that patient documentation is as accurate as possible.

My Role

Over the past few months, I have led a complete user-centered redesign of our leading product. I’ve traveled to hospitals across the country to meet with our end users and observe their workflow, understand their needs, and empathetically redesign every aspect of our product with their feedback and business goals in mind. I’ve been responsible for creating all wireframes, high fidelity mock-ups, prototyping and user testing, and have worked closely with our development team in the USA and the Ukraine to ensure that we have everything we need to implement our designs.

In the short time the the redesigned product has been live with clients, we can already see that this redesign is speeding up their workflow and saving hours of valuable time everyweek.

What I've learned

My designs for Iodine cannot be shared publically at this time, but if you want to know more about some of the things I've learned, check out my blog post on just that: