Craigslist Redesign

A redesign of America's most popular classifieds

The Problem

As a team of designers we were tasked to redesign Craigslist. We were given one week to pitch our ideas, combine what we felt like was the best solution, as a team create wireframes, highfidelity mockups and then individually code a responsive mockup of one of the pages.


Keeping the general UX the same, we aimed to clean up the design with cleaner fonts and more white space, while keeping a similar color scheme. We added the option for seller's to include a profile picture of themselves to help create a sense of trust and security for buyers. We also improved the site by making it fully responsive.

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My proposal to the team


My proposed wireframes for the new Home page, Search page and Item Listing page


My highfidelity mockups for my assigned page. I included a Tablet and Mobile view

Final Coded Mockup

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