Bucket Budget App

An app that allows users to use the David Ramsey Envelope Budget system without having to carry around actual envelopes of cash

The Problem

A few months ago, my wife and I began pulling our monthly budget out in cash, dividing the money into separate envelopes marked "groceries," "gas," etc. The issues we ran into included frequently forgetting to bring the envelopes to the store, or one person having the envelope when the other needed it.

My Solution

The Bucket Budget app allows users to set up a monthly budget by creating separate "buckets" for each category of their spending. When selected, money will be drawn from that bucket alone. Linked to the user’s bank account, the app allows couples with a shared account to access the information from separate locations. This app allows followers of the Dave Ramsey Envelope Method to quickly see the total in each category, thereby assisting them in gaining control of their spending.


For this app I explored the use of motion and animation to guide users through their experience. Motion makes the app feel alive, responsive, natural, aware and intentional. By creating energy and giving immediate feedback, the user understands that their interactions with the app will feel intuitive and natural


Empty Home

Create Modal

First Bucket Made

Full Home

Send Leftover to Savings